saddle on and away he goes

Mantracker's training is getting interesting as he is now riding them
and Brook is looking good here

 I think that in a few more days Brook will be in the big arena

 i love this picture below, the opening of the trees
in the back ground is so pretty
things Brook has overcome thus far:
he can stand in the barn stall without being terrified;
he can bend his neck to the right and to left freely now,
he was a tense little horse at first, which is good as that means he is alert,
and is more patient than the other colt (Walker);
he looks like a nice smooth trotter

of course, the trainer is learning just as much as Brook is, because teaching other kids and animals
always is a burst of knowledge for the teacher, as we all learn at different levels and once they feel safe, the learning accelerates!

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