fitting it all in..

work gatherings
and little celebrations
are always interesting
the Spring Fling office party was
at our Lyric Theatre in town
we watched a movie after we had a
meal of appetizers with KFC chix wings
the movie however was horrible, but we
all got through it and will be more careful next time in our selection
(it was called The Grey and wolves attacked survivors in a plane crash in Alaska with no survivors at the ending - !??***#)

talking about food 
a very pregnant  coworker was working her last week with us and someone brought these wonderful
cupcakes in for her - oh so delicious (yup she knows its a boy can you find which one is expecting soon in the picture above?)

on another note:
it was difficult to have these little parties as our team leader was grieving the loss of a loved one and we also collected money and bought gift certificates for the family as well as some fruit and muffins to their home and attended the funeral. We all had our part in supporting our friend in this tragic event and when we all put forth something of ourselves, that is the good that comes of it.

 It was hard to celebrate and be sad at the same time.
  You never know what life brings to you so we all tried to enjoy the little things that came along too!

"I have learned the secret of being happy at any time in everything that happens"
(Philippians 4:12)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Donna, nice reminder to cherish the moment, the day, the week...
It's always good for us to get together outside of our work environment and have some fun down time together!

Catherine said...

I'm sorry the movie wasn't good (doesn't sound like a very 'fun' movie ~ haha) but it's really all about the food and the friends isn't it? Those cupcakes look delish!

Oh how right you are ~ we need to grab onto every moment of delight that we can. Life is short and unexpected. We have to cherish what we can.

xo Catherine

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