across the border in MT

we are just heading home from our cowboy/cowgirl retreat in Bozeman
here are some random (not at all in any order) pics I snapped during our visit

Broken Hart Ranch office (love)

quick rest stop (actually  I needed the "powder" room)

 I am riding "lone" a black and white paint - great horse and great scenery and a very long winding climb up the mountain with bridges and running creeks along the Gallatin River - we rode for at least 3 and 1/2 hours 

having coffee beside "Coldwater Creek" store after I purchased some great 50% off clothes - real happy with my purchases there, of course....

riding, training and listening in 36  celsius heat was challenging and rest breaks by the only shady part of this large outdoor arena was popular  (at the Buck Brannaman horse clinic)

staying cool and (trying to look cool) in this hot cowboy place but I still think I looked pretty Saskatchewan Canada-ish! lol!

 our restful 4 night stay at the C'mon Inn (Bozeman)

we also did an afternoon of white water rafting but I was too busy paddling and screaming down the river to take photos, ha! ha!  water was cold but very refreshing!  here is a pic of us with our friends about 4 years ago

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