darkness and evil and superheroes

i am on a movie watching craze
saw amazing spiderman movie at the theatre
The Kings Speech;
Big Miracle;  (google these movie titles , I recommend)

and then last night
Dark Knight Rising
 pause for a moment here......
the horrific shooting in Colorado recently
has shaken some people up and some are saying
'I am not going to see the new Batman movie for fear
of possible ongoing shootings?'
when i was sitting in our little city theatre and the show had started
i saw 3 boys standing by the door and they did not walk in they were just standing and watching the show, i looked 3 times at them because it was bothering me and for a quick moment
i thought of how easy it could happen, (they were waiting for someone and did sit down eventually) BUT i relaxed and realized that the news and events in our world are always in our faces and it can bring fear and sometimes it can control the things you do or how you do them.
I do not want fear to engage my enjoyment of life, and I am sickened by what is happening in our world BUT there are so many great things happening and somehow DARKNESS always stands out first.

if you choose to watch this fantastic movie (yes, I said fantastic) because it was well acted and portrayed and I left knowing thaT darkness is scary but we always know of one or two heroes in our lives 
and leaders that sacrifice so much more to keep us safe.

relax and stay in the present, be aware
and enjoy what is here NOW

yes, I am very enamoured with Christian Bale, who played Batman too

you got to see how this motorbike operates and moves
as well as his batmobile, COOLIO! stuff
it is summer time and the livin is easy!

starting my vacation right now for 2 weeks
heading to Montana
for some "saddle and paddle" at the Gallatin River and horse and people training with
Buck Brannaman

Relax, their is a Batman in your neighborhood, think about it!

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