e-dub kobo e-reader sync blink......

i have a kobo
i got from hubby

i am learning all about kobo
and e-reading
and how to download books from
kobo, chapter-indigo, amazon
our regional library

learning about syncing your reader
and charging my kobo
changing the fonts to my liking
putting my finger on a word i need to know
the definition and websters dictionary definition pops up in a little window

i know that e-dub or something like that is what i click on to get
my edition for downloading

i missed for the first while holding a book and putting a bookmark in it
and just missed the physical presence of flipping pages
it still is the best way to read.
but e-readers are a blessing when choosing books and receiving them
immediately, they cost less than buying books in retail stores.

oh did you pick up the book THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchin Rubin
please do!!!!

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