gift to self

update July 5th - i bought this ring instead from Lia Sophia on E-bay
its a smoky quartz filigree ring - love it!

Lia Sophia Fashion Jewellery - Share the Love of Jewellery
(clic on this link above)

i am looking at rings on this jewellery website - i never used to be a ring person but my sister always wears Lia Sophia jewellery and i like it better than Silapada.  

so this ring is unique and the colour is so different and it is a CZ coloured crystal.  

I may buy it as a holiday present for me?   I think i will because my type 2 diabetes is under control and my weight is 18 lbs less that it was in March and my blood sugar was 5.2 mml this morning (normal is 4.6 - 7 mml)

yes I will celebrate with this ring!

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