a memory of our Freddy

This is our turtle and my boys had him for 27 years
he provided entertainment and interest and fun for both Tommy and Graham when they
were growing up; unfortunately
he died yesterday
I know it is "just a turtle"
but the memories....
Like, lets see
turtle races at the library,
transporting Freddy in a little
turtle aquarium with a little plastic palm tree stuck in the middle of it
and laughing when we arrived at  our destination in Swift Current because
Freddy had one arm wrapped around this little plastic palm tree, like he was
hanging on during the "wild ride" in our car!
falling out of his tank and cracking his shell
Tommy taking him to a vet to get it fixed;
oh my Freddy has been fun

I am going to miss checking on Freddy and visiting Tommy's place
and watching him swim in his tank

rest in peace, our little reptile (sniff)

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