who is the boss?

yesterday Mantracker asked me to ride Leroy
up into the hills with him as he wanted to take our training colt "Brooks" for
his first ride out of an arena
it was a good ride, and no bucking issue with Brooks, the little colt did great!
My 5 year old horse Leroy was extremely irritated with bugs up his nose on the way back home
and he wanted to race to get away from them. I feel sorry for them when
those pesky little flies, bugs get in their nose hairs,
i was sweating by the time I got back but it was
all good!
i like riding different horses, i learn from them, and they
need to know I am the "boss" man.!  
I had to get off Leroy once to remind him of that.
i use to panic when horses acted up but I am better with staying on and if I feel that
the situation might get out of control ,I get off and do some fast groundwork with the horse
it is a good reminder that they have to follow my direction

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