a fresh coat of opportunity

just putting on a fresh  coat on the peeled worn paint on a couple of eyesores in our yard and the old standard terracotta colour is always my favourite

Mantracker has been very busy ranching and seeding and baling
for our neighbours and friends since May; so he slips in some time to update our yard when he can; he loves doing it. 

 We are  starting to think about sprucing up some spots in our home and acreage as we may have to sell in the next year or two, depending on Mantracker's new job.  He is starting on Sept 4th, and is now officially employed  with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure; located in  Regina as a Land and Property Specialist.  (hmmmm lets take a breath)

I will be staying here for awhile just to see how things work out for him and he will be home on weekends, I am looking forward to this new lifestyle change and  am taking it one day at a time.

We need a fresh coat on life and have been waiting for opportunities
and willing to take some risks that go along with taking them.

"a new coat of colours"

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