Loving My 'Summer'

well, it is a fact
that I have loved my summer thus far,
but I love having a dog, whose name happens to be "Summer"
to own a pet, especially a dog,
is so easy, and their are no relationship problems, because, as some of you may
know, they are loyal and they love you no matter what you are feeling, they
sit quiet and and listen, no judging comments or arguments
it is one member of my entire family that is a constant and predictable loving friend, and even if
their is discipline required, they still snuggle and wag their tail
no complex conversation, no hurtful statements, just
always their ready for the next walk, treat, food in his dish,
ball-tug game, and the infamous TRUCK RIDE (oh heaven must be like this?)
just a soft furry pat on the head (and their is alot of fur!)

Heaven is riding in the back of the truck (ears and head is always alert)

here is Summer before his haircut

I do love having a pet and I think Summer has made a difference in how I love, because of the constant loyalty.
  Do you own a pet?

here is a great photo of my sister's 2 dogs - her backyard companions...and great listeners too!

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