one sentence happiness

there are events and small things that happen to an individual that is worthy of recording or taking note.  I received this little book in the courier at work on Monday morning.  It did not say who it was from and it was just so perfect for me and i had been talking about the book "The Happiness Project" here on my blog.  I took a fairly good assumption as to who sent it to me and it was my thoughtful friend Catherine from Corner-of-Cats Mind website.  Thanks Catherine and I appreciate this gift so much because I needed a starting place for my project on happiness!  

one-sentence journal (click to view purchase option)

ta-da!  here is another happiness event......
Tommy is a member of a sky diving club and parachuted off an airplane at 8100 ft this summer.

must be a huge adrenalin -rush!

ooh la la! here is more happiness...

I  just recently purchased this off an Italian website called Forzieri as it was on sale and the beads are a specially blown glass bead  with 24 kt gold/ pure silver foil inside and around the bead with a pure sterling silver bracelet (handmade in Italy)
  It was hand delivered to me 5 days later by Loomis Courier while I happened to be at the post office; my cell phone rang and it was Loomis and I told him to meet me at the post office.  He parked in front of the building and  the courier person hopped out of his van and handed me this parcel.  It was my bracelet!  to say I am impressed is an under-statement!  it is beautiful!  check out the website Forzieri

I have written my one sentence happiness of these events into my new journal.
one-sentence (or two) relieves the pressure of having to write a large entry about your day.  Just one thing.  We can all come up with 1 sentence!

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