prairie party

we took a day trip to the Grasslands National Park yesterday.  The park had a party for all visitors to celebrate their new campground in the park.

this is our friend Marvin and he works at this park; he was in charge of the wagon rides offered to anyone wanting to ride around the park.
 the new campground office/kitchen facility is in the background and after a delicious supper of beef on a bun, beans, salad and ice cream dixie cups, a band called "Navajo" entertained for a couple of hours.  They were great.  BryanTrottier and his family are the musicians in this band.  My mom and dad got up for a couple of dances too.

a one and a two and a three.....

the rider on the right in this pic is the park superintendent and she used to work with Mantracker back in his FCC working career days.

it was an interesting, fun day of socializing and getting into the very southwestern back country of Saskatchewan.  You should make a visit to this park, they love tourists.

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