routine is good

“If you do the same thing every day at the same time for the same length of time, you’ll save yourself from many a sink. Routine is a condition of survival.”
I have a routine at work, but at home I tend to be lazy,
here are two things that are nothing when I say them out loud , but pretty major accomplishment when I  do them every day at the same time.

1.   making our bed up  in the morning
2. writing one sentence in my journal  (at bedtime) 

 no, it takes time and planning and remembering and the desire to continually have results and believe  me it frees up time for me,  I am very lazy when it comes to  routine .  Since I have started making my bed up each morning it makes me feel "happy"  and purposeful.

what is your routine, or do you need to create one?

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