Attention and Focus

the last 4 weeks has kept me on my
toes (so to speak)

to keep me tuned up and our family, we 
play Lumosity games several times a week
it tracks your BPI (brian profile index) and as you progress
throughout the weeks, it compares your profile to other
Lumosity game players

my strength areas, are problem solving and flexibility
my weak areas (embarrassing) are attention and focus

I have noticed a significant increase in focus and how many good decisions
I can make, without stressing about it lately

this pic above, the girl in her outfit and the horse along the water
that is a dream come true for me, to live close to the water,
be creative and colourful, to spend time in a happy place

keep going,
keep your creativity
suck up your mistakes
be kind
re-group often (meditate, be quiet, let your brain think out loud)
and play Lumosity

:) ♥ ♫ ♪

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