brain stretch

i have been busy in the head these last 10 days and my final surge of pushing myself will end Sunday nite, at my job, i am assisting with a banking merger validation team and extra hours and working this Sunday are part of it -things are moving forward faster in my day to day duties and new youthful coworkers  need training and assistance and so my head gets very full.    I  had to decline a conference on Sept 15 (Saturday)  at work and it just took away some stress for me as this was going to be a lonnnnnggg..... day as travel time started at 6 30 am and late evening arrival back in SC and then driving back home to the acreage.  So i bravely asked to be UNregistered or UNsubscribed from this day.  

I work hard to be open and accept my banking career ongoing technology and new culture changes but sometimes it works best to admit you are overwhelmed.

maybe it is my brain trying to sort out my spouse's new job in a city 2 1/2 hours away 5 days a week and commuting to and fro on weekends.  Probably, and it is important for me to admit that and talk about it.

it helps that my son is back home with me and we can support each other and Brian will be living a whole new life away from us...for the next few months, our marriage is strong and Choices Seminar that we both went through has provided our relationship with super tools to surviving and reaching our dreams together, so communication and expressing oneself is even more crucial!

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