i am not sure

i am in a"I am not sure phase" and not liking it,
i attended KIVA in SC and provided energy treatments to two people, my old "energetic" friends were all there and a couple of new ones.  I am not sure if I can committ to every thurs evening at KIVA

i am not sure I can be as committed to the choir as I was last year.  I was excited and keen and never missed a practice, rehearsal or performance, last year.  What's changed?  long days at work and staying in town never changes.  I had my son's apartment to stay at in between work and practice before.  now I am not sure if I want to hang around town for 2 1/2 hours every Monday.
I am not sure if moving off this acreage is going to be the best solution for our retiring years.  Moving to my home city of Yorkton (well the surrounding area of Yorkton)  is the target, I am the leader on that decision and we did look at an acreage 10 miles from Yorkton on a great highway and the turnoff to the yard/acreage was a few yards;  this is also close to my favourite lakes, Good Spirit, Duck Mountain Prov Park.  I am not sure about the house that is on it?

I am not sure

I am in a limbo phase, we are starting the realtor connections
and it is exciting
but formidable and expensive

this is why I am not sure?

I will be like this for some time, that I AM SURE about (lol),

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