largest obstacle

what is the largest obstacle
holding you back
from living your dream?

when the question was asked
and it was written out on card
i had to think and the first thing
i said was money
then i said time
then i said family
then i said being married

who asked me this question and
why was it written on a card?
my hubby was,
simply because we were dining at
KIVA Cafe last night
and "conversation" cards are left on your dining
table, because there is no reserved seating
so you usually sit with people you don't know
so these conversation cards come in handy

the real true answer as to why i am not living or have not
achieved my dream


 this photo is blurred, just like my vision on my dream

this photo is closer and more clarity as it focuses only on the dry leaves from the 1st photo,  plus
i 'cinemascoped' the original picture and it came out like this. It is still blurred but more focused, that is where I am at today!
to achieve a dream is a 'willed' and 'focused' journey to get there,
a blurred vision of my dream, has given me an excuse, which means
you use excuses like distractions from all i stated above, money, time, family, marriage,
so i am keeping it clearer in sight

i can't tell you what it is because it is private work, but when the dream is in sight
i will share!

What large obstacle is holding you back from living your dream?

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