Mystery Cross

my husband, Brian (Mantracker)
a couple of years ago
went to the safety deposit box
pulled out all the heirloom rings from his
mother, his grandmother, his great aunts, etc
and had a jeweller in Lethbridge called GOLDWORKS
custom make a Celtic Cross
and on the back was engraved

friends, self
in a circle

on the front of this cross, in the middle is a diamond .  I had purchased a wedding ring
at an estate sale in SC, because I had lost my wedding ring years before.  it was similar to the ring  I lost (original wedding ring),
however, Brian, bought me a new ring for our 25th anniversary, so 
I donated the diamond from the old estate sale ring for his cross and it
is placed in the center

He wears this cross all the time and 
it so happened he was riding on Friday night and felt something was missing and stopped his horse and checked his chain around the neck and the chain was broken, 
the cross was gone.

we have spent the last 48 hours looking for this cross out in the fields where he was riding, Tommy had his metal detector and we scanned the area several times
this made us extremely sad
Brian wanted to pass this valuable sentimental cross on as a family heirloom

we had given up yesterday
We new it would be a miracle to find it

I came home from work late last night,
and Brian said he had developed a rash on his chest
and could I take a look at it
so he opened his shirt
and their was his cross with a new leather rope linked to it

i couldn't believe it
so the story was.....
he went to put on his cowboy boots to ride just a few hours before I came home
and felt something in one boot
so he took it off
put his hand in to feel around and pulled out the cross
he held it in his hand
and stared at it for at least 5 minutes (he said)
how and why he did not feel it in his boot when he was riding
I don't know
must of slipped all the way down through his pant legs
and into his boots

"the spirit and power of the cross" 

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