the " wine" in poetry

 cowboy poet Morley aka "Farley" was in Maple Creek for
cowboy poetry weekend and we "wined" and brunched at Cypress Hills Winery
on Saturday with him and his wife,
his joking-around-poetry-formulating right now is his
real life story of the horse training that Brian aka "Mantracker", who is training his colt "Brooks";  who is still
residing on our acreage and is now possibly going to be sold.
 He says the poem could be called "The BHT", which stands for The Bureaucratic Horse Training" (due to Brian working for the prov govt now)
we will see if he creates this poem!

this is the saddle Mantracker wants very badly; he was checking out the cowboy/art displays in Maple Creek on Saturday.
I told him "how about I just take a picture of it for you instead."?

I bought myself a silver plated chain, it is lovely and less pricey than this saddle1

such a lovely day with lovely people!

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