what's normal

not normal to buy this scarf
$108 it cost me
weak moment
having fun
shopping with my BFF

compared to my day to day activities
buying an expensive scarf
and wearing daily with any jacket/sweater I have
makes more sense
than pulling my brain in all directions
throughout the day;
consistency is nice,
routine is missed
when things go by so fast

loving the handpainted colours
and the feel of the fabric
pure joy
and very normal and practical accessory!


Catherine said...

Very pretty! A gal should always treat herself once in awhile. :)

Hope you are having a happy Sunday!

xo Catherine

Donna said...

hey Catherine

thanks, but I seem to treat myself alot sometimes, i need to say whoa...

love the scarf tho - no regrets

take care!

Catherine said...

LOL! Me too. But you know we are worth it! ;)

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