a little stressful

work has been a little stressful (more so lately),

 a new Manager (this has been new for a couple of months now) 
our dept has not adjusted to this
new form of 'managing' (ANGER/FRUSTRATION)

and also a coworker's personal emotions of serious family health (TEARS)

and upbeat emotions with news of a new grandchild on the way (HAPPY)

a young coworker who is just 2 months pregnant (HAPPY)

one long term coworker's emotions over her friend's loss (TEARS)

also a favoured long term employee due to his knowledge and
 connections with many employees,
is retiring at the end of the month (SURPRISE/JEALOUSY!)

i am going to mention that all of these emotions were bouncing around
all day yesterday (some previous) and it took everything I had to keep focused on my work but
yet be compassionate and joyful.... all in one day?

kinda takes away from any feelings I had going on, so

i had to come home and bring out the bottle.....

{Tom helped me make this and it is real cute when the mini lites
are lit up inside the bottle}

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