what do we do when things come down,
take our breath away,
leave us in a void
of emptiness and a stunned stupour,
my mom and dad are pretty healthy,
but it could be anytime or it could be years,
when one fails quickly.
cannot relate to what it is like
to lose a parent or a husband
but I do know that after you lose a loved one,
you need to take your new "self" 
that has now been created due to the
loss and work with it, 
my eldest son left us 8 1/2 years ago,
I am not the same person now as I was then
I have learned, grieved, grown, grieved,
stepped outside the box with my new
tilted perspectives
when friends's and coworkers lose a special person
in their life, I stay quiet and reserved,
until I can "talk about my feelings and check in with myself"
maybe I will do nothing, maybe I will go over and hug that person,
maybe I need to get away for a few minutes
or maybe I need to send that person a card,
"I don't know"? but each of us needs
to look after our feelings once we are faced with
death at work, in our family, in a conversation with strangers,
words can bite, if the people or person around you is
not thinking or does not know your situation

let the water pour over you in a gentle way
and know that you will come out eventually
just open your mind and be brave, once you
know that you are starting to embrace something,
you are brave!
do not forget that.....

(under a cold freezing waterfall in Hawaii, it was so cleansing and
daring and brave and exhilirating)

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