my routine and stuff


skipped choir practice tonite, talk of freezing rain and snow

had a beautiful ride yesterday afternoon, on our tall horse Ben.  It changes my world, when I ride

I am reading a deep and wise book on the way of the horse written by Linda Kohanov from Tucson,
Arizona called The Tao of Equus

(Linda and one of her therapy horses 'Rasa')

Her writing changed the way I worked and rode Ben yesterday.  Horses have healed me in a way I can't
explain like Linda Kohanov writes about.

watching my weight, and blood sugar these days, I can get lazy and then a couple of pounds here and there add up, and
eating too large of portions of food and the blood sugar rises

still making my bed everyday and writing one sentence in my Happiness Project journal.

My sister is attending Choices Seminars in Calgary Nov 14 so excited that she is doing this.

gotta go, I just got off my treadmill and will now relax for a while until bedtime. 
I may watch Hawaii 5-0 yet too.

 click here as my son just created a photography website

I have a darn good life!

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