the Monster came

maybe because it is Halloween
my Monster is talking to me
well as it did yesterday,
thats right, you know the kind of Monster
that tells ya, or tells me anyway, "I am not a strong and assertive enough woman",
I felt insecure and anxious and fearful yesterday, it was just talking to me enough to make me feel 
insecure,  it was there and it took until I woke up this morning
and asked myself, "Why am I feeling like this all of a sudden"?
well hello little creepy loudmouthed ugly Monster,
I am not listening to you, I have kicked you far away now,

Do you have a Monster, whispering in your ear sometimes
saying low self-esteem  phrases  and negative words in your ear?

Let's keep the fun Halloween Monsters
around for this week, but I myself must BEWARE of my little voice MONSTER!

Have a  fun Pumpkin fun Monster Halloween week!



shirley said...

I feel lucky that the monsters don't often visit. Glad you kicked him to the curb.
Lovely photo below of your Ben... Have a great week!

Tommy said...

I hear voices a LOT, but they are usually just random words

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