is it all about me?

here is a pic of me taken while waiting
for my supper at a restaurant
it is washed out, but somehow i like it
it is a good idea to save some
photos of yourself
I am not perfect nor is any
pic of me

let me think about my post title
is it all about me?  well
I have to take good care of my physical and mental
health to raise a family,
to go to my job each day
and perform well
I have to drive everyday and be alert
none of that is perfection but it is
all about me!

I do every once in a while get into a turbulent discussion
with friends and associates, because it means "I care" and
i want something to change
I am changing all the time and I am learning all the time
this life encourages and drives me to do that
somehow i at times cannot keep up with
the changes expected and need to go back to
my "boundaries" and morals

it is all good!

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