just sing it!

our credit union has an icarols singing group
anybody can sign up and sing
we perform in December in the main foyer of our
credit union for 20 minutes during banking hours
our little singing group is gonna try and sing
this song "Band-Aid" 
here is the video of the 1984 older version (but I think it is the best version)

this is only one of the songs
we have a few other christmas "oldies but goodies" carols
it is quite fun!

this year there are no tenors or bass singers because the men have
shied on us ....hmmmm I think there needs to be some more serious persuasion
we will try!

Dec 18 for 20 minutes, lots of practicing and it really puts forth
this wonderous season spirit for me.

(did you identify any of the singers in this video of 1984?)

the only one I identified was "boy George"?

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