I had a garage/truck accident in Sept
I misjudged getting into our garage as I was trying
to stay clear of the vehicle parked in the driveway
and went too far to the right and scraped the passenger
front side of my truck
as you can see below it is just like a brand
new truck. (only cost me $1400 to have the bodywork done!)
I really do like my Honda Ridgeline

this was a spontaneous moment at work one day
a coworker's birthday
I thought it was cute and funny
it was taped to the back of her chair
and a face drawn on the balloon with felt markers
it was a good laugh!

this is somewhere I go when I have to stay in town for an event
or meeting and it saves me from spending money
I do have a weak spot for libraries
such a calming atmosphere,
all those books, all that knowledge at
my fingertips
the library has now these great blue comfortable
reading chairs and it is so nice to just sit for half an hour
and read

it is winter above our heads now and the time
for airplane travel will be discussed
I am not a fan of travelling by air
but it is fast
especially when I have someone
to look after my luggage.
that is what a man is for is it not?

what are your musings lately?

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