spouse confused

while driving yesterday to Calgary, my spouse, my hubby (Mantracker)
told me he gets confused with my direction in my life lately and he can't keep up??? what the??
let me explain honey...

1st he says:  you were very active in Healing Touch energy training and got your level III certification.  but now you are hardly working on that?

2nd he says:  you jumped into joining the Swift Current Oratorio Choir in 2011 and now you are leaving that but yet you loved it last winter and fall last year?

3rdly you were painting in watercolours and taking some classes, you have stopped that (which I haven't I just paint when you are not around.  I love to paint when the house is quiet and I am by 

then just last week you are looking at Arizona and going on a women's photographer retreat for 5 days?

My answer to his dilemma of understanding who his wife is and what my goals are is this:

it's a journey, a process shall I say
that I have been living and daring to explore
it is a healing adventure that I am bravely
"daring to be"!!!

so I am still doing all those things, healing touch for a neighbour or friend once in a while,
i love to sing and do it stronger and freer that I ever did in my life, don't need to committ to choir practices and struggle with really difficult scores of music,  I love photography and this website has been in operation since 2008 (will be 5 years as of Jan 2013), I can pull out my paints when I need
to express myself quietly and in colour!

what things have you been daring about in your life?
I was comfortable explaining that to my confused spouse, who is no longer confused, I think, not sure, LOL.  It was very great the he asked the question and actually listened to my answer.

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