wonderous plan

This is Ben and his "frostbite" issue is just fine now
(I love it when horses sit on the ground and bend their knees under them)

this wonderous season
is  only a month away
I have to remember to
have fun, have fun, and do not take myself so seriously!
this tree was in the middle of the foyer at the Radisson
I like the big red spotted ornament

 I am going to post uplifting moments
of my "wonderous" season insights!
(that is my plan)

best thing about today was
I filled in the missing days of my happiness project diary from last 5 days and it
was so easy, writing one sentence only daily is becoming 
2nd nature and I miss it when I am too busy but I always go back and catch up!

what was the best about your day?


Catherine said...

I'm so glad your horse is better Donna! Oh that little fox - so sweet! How wonderful to be able to see this little beauty in your yard. Cute!

We were at the Moose Jaw mineral spa with Michele & Leonard W Friday night for their anniversary. I am sure you can imagine we had no fun at all! LOL! I am thankful for friends to spend time with.

Looking forward to our swimming date tomorrow night! :D

xo Catherine

shirley said...

Ah, glad that Ben is better. It is rare for us to spot our horses laying down.

And I love that Fox - such a beauty!

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