vet on the way


i was just outside with the 5 horses we have in our
yard now for the winter
just walking around and touching their thick winter coat
feeling their calm energy as they enjoy the sunshine and
minimal- to- no wind (at least in our sheltered acreage)

one horse has a problem under his belly (scrotum swollen) that Mantracker 
noticed yestereday.  Vet will be out today. As far as we know it can mean a couple of things, one being
a virus or disease which tests or biopsy to be done, or more likely it is a hernia.
we will wait and see what the vet has to say when she arrives.
I did a bit of Healing Touch energy on his affected area with my hands ( I know that
is gross, touching a scrotum on a horse but it is amazing how accepting he was about it)
Horses will either walk away or stay and that is how they let me know that what I am doing is okay,
Ben stayed and took a couple of deep breaths and was relaxing while I placed my hand beside and around the swelling.  It is a good sign that it is easing the issue somewhat.

the horse (Ben) does not seem to be distressed and is still eating and calm.

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Poor horse! I hope the vet finds that it's something simple.

There's no wind here in the city either. It's actually quite nice. Maybe that will be the end of winter??? Well...I can wish can't I? ;)

Good luck with the vet Donna!
xo Catherine

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