barn cat just like Snowball

here is our new pet
we call her 'Sylvie', she is living in our barn and
showed up a month ago
she has no tail because her breed is Manx
she is a female and is a great mouser,
we can pet her and she likes that, but she does not
particularly like being picked up
our dog Summer is very compliant about her being in the barn
 he has a huge bed pillow with a heat lamp 
Sylvie is always sleeping on it and Summer lets her sleep there.

this was our cat Snowball (below) who at the age of 13 died a few years
ago and I never replaced her.
Sylvie is very similar in appearance to old Snowball and I LOVE THAT!

more cat stories to follow I am sure....

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Oh you know I am loving this post my friend! What a little sweetie! And what a good pup Summer is for sharing his warm cozy bed. Adorable. Oh animals are so wonderful aren't they?

I like your flooring Donna - looking good!
xo Catherine

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