Christ-mas is now

Christmas tree
Christmas lights
Christmas candles
make winter bright
Christmas is Merry
and shopping is "harrie"?

I enjoy Christmas differently than I used to,
I let go of my old control on
this season, i do that by doing things that I loved
as a child,
it is hard to say I will let Christmas
just happen, but that is what I do!
I need a real live tree (got that)
a fresh scented Douglas Fir.... sniff.....aahhh..
and especially lights outside and
on the tree
the Christmas meal is not as important
to me as I have never been interested in baking,
but I do enjoy cooking the meat, salads and potatoes,
I am having 3 guests tonite for a traditional 
Christmas meal (turkey, mashed potatoes, salad)
my guests are bringing theirFrench tradition of Meat Pies called
Tourtieres, because 2 of my quests are very French!

keep Christmas and enjoy the holiday after


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