christmas mixer at Kiva

we are monthly diners at Kiva Cafe and last night we dined
 and mixed with 4 other younger couples who were sitting at our table.  

we sang "the 12 days of Christmas" (quite a new version) starting with the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me "A porcupine in a pine tree"....and on it went.

the menu was 
curry coriander soup,
 turkey cranberry crepes,
 little meatballs,
 7 layer salad w/wholesome bun
 an amazing solid chocolate cup filled whipped cream and choc covered peanuts,
  all eaten over 2 hours and each entree' served
 one at a time in 20 minute intervals. wow!

We have just brought in our live tree tonite and placed it in front of
our living room window and I will decorate sometime soon.
it is a wonderful smelling large douglas fir.

How is your December lining up? 
remember not to take yourself so seriously
and have fun!

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