resin and extra tooth

i must admit I have been so preoccupied lately with this linoleum install
in our main eating and entrances of our house
we had an issue with a large piece of it
because their was a large "resin track" on the dining room
area and i made the choice that we could live with it
and get compensated from the manufacturer.
so my husband came home on Fri nite and puts all the appliances back
in place and my son and the hubby were working together
very well (let's just say that the muscle strength was fairly even)
once the stove, fridge, washing machine and clothes dryer were in
place the baseboards were nailed back on, but oh oh,  my husband
stood in the doorway and noticed the "resin track" flaw, I must admit
it is noticeable when standing in certain spots.
I can only guess what he said when I dropped him off at the flooring store
because on Mon morning they were phoning to put in a new piece and
so on Tues I get a phone call from the owner and he states
that the resin tracking is on the remaining lino that the installer
is installing to replace the first lino piece.  he says they have some left over
from another "dye lot" and will try that and put it in and hoping that
the color or dye is the same.

I was busy getting ready to head to Saskatoon and take Tom to
the dental oral surgeon for an impacted tooth to be removed
and I was worried about the weather and driving and concerned about
locating the dental office as I did not know the city of Saskatoon at all.
so I just figured we would have to rip up all the new lino and pick out
another flooring UGH!

the end of this long drawn out drama is that
the new piece is in and it is amazing because you would
not know that there was a replacement piece installed
it looks awesome!

oh and my son, Tom had his tooth pulled out in Saskatoon today, because he
had an extra tooth growing above his two front teeth and
it did not erupt and went in and up in the gum, it was painful to say the least
and it is out now and he is recovering at home tonite.
the roads were great going to and from Saskatoon
and I came home to a wonderful new lino flooring complete with no flaws!

I have received a couple of "wonderous" gifts today!

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