so how was it?

I mean
Christmas Day and Christmas Eve,
how was it?
for me it was better than I thought it would be
I liked Christmas Eve
because my family stayed in our newly purchased
Condo, that would be myself, Mantracker and our Tommy (yes he wants
us to call him Tommy now because at his job everyone calls him that, I still call him Tom!

We forgot to get firewood or at least one of those
burning logs to make it Christmassy and cosy, but the TV and
cable was hooked up!

the place is sparsley furnished as Mantracker has only been in it
for a month

the necessities were all there however and the kitchen was fully
functional.  It was really fun to hangout for a couple of nights
and spend time in the big city.

however we were at my brother's house for the Christmas Day Supper
and this is my FAV picture of the whole Christmas season,
My Dad and My Brother
carving the turkey!!!
this is a classic and to me it signifies Christmas with family!

also the cousins got to visit and catch up

it took several tries to get a nice smiling photo of my mom,
Mantracker told her that she looked like she was going in for surgery with that
look and so we got this photo after that!  LOL!

grandparents, nieces, and friends
gather in the kitchen 

oh star bright, star light
you definitely shone bright!

now I go back to work tommorrow!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Your condo looks so nice! How wonderful to be able to spend Christmas with family. It looks like you had a really nice time. Ours was quiet. Perhaps too quiet. I guess I should be satisfied but sometimes it would be nice to be with more family at Christmas.
Hope you are having an excellent week my friend! And thanks for the lovely chocolate! It is in my freezer. A little nibble every day. ;)
xo Catherine

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