I was told by a very wise woman
on Wednesday
that I shall change my  word of feeling  VULNERABLE to
if you look at it from that perspective
I am vulnerable because I am available to help others, to write about healing others,
to talk about loss, the hard but rewarding work or journey that has now led me full circle
to a great life!

one of the most enjoyable views and feelings my family have shared
with me is the "colored lights shining on our evergreen trees and snowdrifts" outside..
 previous Christmas's we have placed them so they light on the house and face the highway for the enjoyment of vehicles passing our acreage.  
This December I myself went out and found a spot so that I could see and enjoy the effect of
light in the dark of winter.

being available for me  is shining a light on others to make them feel peaceful, special, calm
so I pick a feeling
and share my light, I am vulnerable = I am available.

the three of us have decided we are keeping these colored
lamps lit throughout this winter and have a timer on them to shine at night only

simple really...

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