let it go

i have a plan and a focus this year and
any further requested
committments will have to be rejected or passed
on to others as 
I am saying "let it go"
and focusing
on my goal
which I will tell you about (in a few short
months if I keep myself
centered and keep life
distractions to a minimum)

my son is working through
a surprising setback with
his NB course in the fall

My husband is heading
back to the city to his job
tommorrow and I am going to miss him

I had a wonderful time outside
these last 3 days
and enjoyed horse back riding and
connecting with these friends of ours
(yes they are great companions)
at first Mantracker and I had
a tense 1/2 hour on the
1st day as he was
busy telling me how to
warm up the colt
and it just sounded like
he had no confidence in my
ability to work with this young horse
but after that our riding together was fun
and we had our challenges with the horses
and their paying attention
but it got sorted out and then
the fun starts!

'don't sweat the small stuff,
 make sure
you discern between the small stuff in your life,
and the real meaningful stuff that is more important to you!'

(my worldly tip of the year)

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