little house accents

these items below were inexpensive and fun
to buy to use in our home

 i have always loved Roman Shades and always will!

duck-tail? curtain by Debbie Travis (that is what the package said)
in our main bathroom
a unique look to curtain hem, a little tricky to figure all the ties that come with this
curtain and so between myself and
Mantracker we did manage it!

a decorative spongy Yoga style bath mat -  it is gray with these white patterned leaves on it 
as you can see in the photo

new plants I purchased recently
 a Bromeliad on the left of this photo has a nice red colour and a very easy and hardy decorative
house plant to care for. Needs daily watering, is hardy, easy to grow and requires 3-6 hours of daily sun

on the right is a more delicate plant called a Dieffenbachia
  a great air purifier to have in the home, but will only
flourish with care so that means it is sensitive.
 Requires only medium light,
 fertilize every 2 - 4 months,
 must keep soil moist but do not let the plant stand in water

these are nice home pick-me-ups I thought I would share!

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ang said...

love your new plants..I have been spraying my pine for the last 3 days...

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