Precious times

i wasn't going to post anything on this blog for a
few days,
but apparently I am now!
it is the time of year that
is extremely "precious" to me and to my husband
and youngest son

 These are my family pictures from the past,
we went through some impatient
boring standing-around
moments to get these shots....

here is one taken in 1995
Tom is 7 and Graham is 10
we had just moved to the acreage that year
and our neighbour Leta took these
we had a bbq supper with her family and then a photoshoot.

(ps Graham did not want his picture taken it had taken too long because a
new friend he just met was at the bbq standing around waiting to play - torture!)

this next family pic was taken at good old Walmart in 2000 or 2001
i think Graham was 15 and Tom was 12,

my all-time favourite is this one
taken at The Bay store in Prince Albert
Graham is 4 and Tom is 2

my blessing in my present and most important life is
Tom is 25 years old
he has received a college diploma from Lethbridge College
he is a digital artist, beautiful nature photographer,
and entertaining magician,  enjoys cooking,
he is working full time in Swift Current at REM
and learning about real life and working for a company

he is special and my blessing!

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