something green

when my parents moved from their home at the lake
I always had my claim on this norfolk pine my mom was starting
this stands in my living room now,
and it is a bright spot for me to look at and
a great plant to care for
Norfolk pines love to be sprayed with water
they need that moisture and humidity
so i have a large spray bottle handy and every day it gets a douse of water on it to
 brighten up the green
soft needles

 i have quite a bit of Ukrainian blood in me so I have to stick ornaments around it 
just for creativity

is a healing colour
and plants and gardening,
flowers and showers,
....oh wait a minute i forget
that is okay it is the best time to nuture the "green thumb" in me
my date with myself tommorrow is to buy a plant
care for it!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

I could use some green my friend. I am tired of all this white! But on a happy note, I had the joy of watching 10 deer run past my living room window this evening. Beautiful!

xo Catherine

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