V = Vulnerable

one week every year I am vulnerable
to feel sad,
to feel scared,
to want to cry,
to miss someone so badly
to want to hold someone
that would be my son
however, I am learning to live
the vulnerable life
because life outside my comfort zone
is not that dangerous,
i have found my "helpers" these past 9 years
it took me awhile to realize they were helping
but that is being Vulnerable, life outside the comfort zone
so I will add a new helper

love this guy
he has some great books out

to understand this blog post
is to know my loss
my life is living in the present now,
burying the past and leaving it in peace
in my heart 
being in love with my family

we all are vulnerable at times
thought maybe you might want to read this book

I am vulnerable
on this blog
don\t you know it?
of course I am

rock-on my friends.....

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