who needs power

just enjoying my days off, I am off until thursday
I had supper out with my son tonite
their was a power outage this afternoon
when I was on the treadmill!
whew! that was fun, I didn't wipe out, it just stopped, I wasn't going too fast yet, thank
I then decided that if power was out
I would phone Sask Power (brilliant)
I used my cell phone and of course
I have trickles of cell power out here in redneck county (ha) so I could not get to
talk to anyone;
I then double checked the phone and even though the screen lights were out
the phone worked
Sask Power said yes your area is on a power outage for 1 hour
okay thanks
I then thought I would hop in my truck and head for town
and do some quick pickups
I walked into our garage and pushed the garage door opener
LOL.... it did not work, oh!  power outage right
so went back into the house and started to meditate
and then the power came on and scared me so much the smoke
detectors made a piercing start up noise
and then i just had to have a good laugh!!!

no meditation happened for me today.

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