Stranded Inn

Swift Current area was in terrible road condition status this morning. I and my son left at daylight this morning (8:30 a.m.) and we were doing great for about 10 miles until we hit the white out and I got stuck with my Honda Ridgeline (I hate to share that) Tom got the shovel out and he cleared the tires of snow and then we torqued it out of that snow bank on the road and found some truck tracks. I went forward for a few yards and then Tom said. " I don't see anyone coming. It is very desolate out here so if we get stuck again it will be a difficult unworthy trip in to work. So we turned around and I literally "gunned" through that snow pile I had just got out of and kept the steering wheel moving so that the wheels would keep straight...we headed home safely and then the road was closed shortly after that.

.....long story there but I was not happy about using my vacation day for that, but what can a country girl do but suck it up!

I ended up having a super day of connecting with family at home as I talked to my dad for an hour and it was a great conversation. Then my sister called and then my old highschool BFF contacted me and we talked for 45 minutes and then my brother called me back and that conversation was overdue and it was all good as well!

all in all I didn't sleep like someone I know did for most of the day LOL!

hoping to see my Valentine flowers at work tommorrow, I just heard the road graders go by finally and it is 6 pm.!

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Catherine said...

Oh my - not good to be on the roads the other day that is for sure! A bunch of us had to go up to NB on Sunday. The roads were not nice. I sat in the back seat and closed my eyes.... ;)
Have a beautiful long-weekend my friend! Enjoy all your pretty flowers!
xo Catherine

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