dog support?

since (and possibly before our week in Dominican Republic)
I gained 5 pounds and my blood sugar has gone up;
so I am off carbs for a few days and am now slowly introducing
them into my diet (kind of like a cleansing). Exercise is back in the daily plan now that
my SI joint  and back and hips are swinging again, so...
walking outside is challenging right now due to snow and ice, but I do walk up and down our lane to
the highway and back 10 times and Summer sometimes joins
me.  He then decides though, that it is pretty silly to go back and
forth from the highway and back again to our driveway and back and forth so many times
that he just decides to sit and watch. (funny).

I get really bored and tired of the treadmill and
like the fresh air better.

  Dogs are such great companions
even tho they can't figure out your plan, they are
their watching and waiting.


Anna said...

Thanks much for stopping by! I can relate to walking on snowy and sometimes icy paths and the dog part. That's the part that makes me smile :) Such great companions!
Take care and have a great week.

Catherine said...

Do you watch TV while doing the treadmill or listen to music? I seemed to get a better work out when I listen to music but get less bored when I watch TV.

Love it that Summer sits and watches you walk! Cute!

xo Catherine

Donna said...

hey Catherine...i usually listen to music or watch TV, i think it is just the time of year and I want to be outside...

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