Miss Sylvie Cat

 This is our beautiful barn cat and we named her Sylvie
she just showed up in the barn one day since last November
she was pretty hungry
we started to feed her and she has her own
spot on top of a horse stall that way our dog
Summer cannot bother her
 she has found a good home and she is so
dog friendly and tolerant of Summer
 well I suppose she has to be to stay in our barn through
the winter
 she has an opinion like all cats and we hope she stays around
when spring gets here and doesn't take off
 I think she likes it here
 she knows how to be patient
and when to walk away


Catherine said...

I showed Corinne B the picture of your Sylvie as it looks like she is a polydactyl right? Corinne has a polydactyl kitty and has another one in the past.

Such a cutie!!! (Sylvie...not Corinne...although Corinne is cute too but I just meant the cat...) :)

xo Catherine

Donna said...

Hi Catherine
because she is a tail-less cat we think she is a Manx breed - and she is a cutie for sure!

Donna said...

to continue on about the cat's paws yes it looks to be a polydactyl, I just looked up the breed and her paws have the abnormality. the polydactyl does not mention no tail. hmmmm she is interesting breed!

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