shopping and touring

what did we buy in the Dominican Republic
..........................this belt for me
beaded and wide and with light weight wooden clasp
so comfortable ( I do love belts alot!)

delicious drink of white rum, herbs, honey, red wine/sangria
very medicinal and so smooth to drink, wonderful tasting
 lots of herbs

herbs and spices stay in the bottle and you can refill the bottle when empty with
Mama Juana recipe of honey, red wine, white rum and the herbs stay
in the bottle with their flavour up to 7 years!

actual cocoa bean and chocolate plantation

 taste testing and buying our Mama Juana, Cocoa Butter, pure Vanilla and Coconut Oil
straight from the plantation, very tasty.

nice to leave the fancy resort and get out to the people on the
island.  nice tour!


Matthew Simmons said...

I just have a quick question for you about the Mama Juana. Family just got back from a trip to the DR and brought me back this same bottle of Mama Juana. Is this safe to drink once opened up? On the back of the bottle it says "Caution: The liquid in this bottle is to cure the sticks. NOT SWALLOW". Any advice on what to do with the original bottle contents is much appreciated! I'm confused on the info I'm hearing and what I'm reading on the back of this bottle.

Matthew Simmons said...
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Matthew Simmons said...
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