venting and problem solving

i do leave myself vulnerable
i realize that my last post
gave my home location to all
internet creeps; I am debating about
deleting it?

i stressed out on thursday and vented and
got what I wanted. Our neighbours phoned and said they would clear out
 the lane, driveway if i wanted and
so the acreage got cleared out so I could drive out of here
to go to work on Friday.  (great neighbours because I know they
are ready to assist if Brian is away)
( you can see the ridge of where the top of our 8 foot fence is)

I vent now out loud because it helps to come up
with solutions, but then I must remember to keep calm after
a certain point and carry on.  that is the trick really for me
vent but know when to stop and start to calm down
life has its stressors and it is good because it teaches you
lessons on survival

i worried about the horses, i worried about my son and husband coming home
safely from work, so I am a fan of cell phones it keeps the connection
of communication open.  It is a feel good comfort to know you can call someone anytime and hopefully anywhere, depending on the call coverage.

on a funner note we are going out for supper to KIVA cafe.  Great home cooked food
and healthy food with tidbits of sweetness and dessert too!


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