walking on the ocean beach

sounds like a lovely post
about walking along the ocean shore
getting tanned
I did that with my hubby
every day on our Dominican holiday

ya big BUTT..my SI joint on the right side
of my middle back got so tight
due to the uneveness of the walking partly in the
water and partly on the sand, I literally suffered
for 3 days before we came back home

gotta love my tight muscled old body of mine
it does not take much (not funny)

I came back and had to see a chiropractor
I went to Kevyn Kristmanson in Swift Current
and after two treatments and alot of stretching my back
I can say tonite it is recovering supremely 
also with some help from my Infrared Sauna a couple
of times.

lying around relaxing and walking and just "being" can
be painful if you do too much ha!


Lilly said...

this looks so cool
benefits of infrared saunas

Catherine said...

Isn't it a shame that a youthful body is wasted on the young? LOL! Oh my stars...now I sound old. Haha!
Hope you are back to good health my friend! That water looks fantastic and a beach would be pretty darn good right now. :)
xo Catherine

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