what this blog is for

how I stepped into blogging
  1.  My interest was highly keen on creating a blog
  2.  I created my blog from the suggestions of trusted bloggers or website authors I knew
  3. I  talk about what I know so my blog is a personal one
  4.  It is better to be authentic and' be' what you write.
  5.  I use www.blogger.com
  6.  if I feel uncertain of my post and information - I don't post it
  7.   if I don't get comments from my posts I have learned that it is not why I blog
  8.  blogging for me is not about how many comments (I had to work through that..)
  9.  I place restrictions on my comments through "permissions" on blogger to eliminate spam commenters
  10.  I spend alot of time on this website/blog and fuss and fiddle with it
  11. the photos are not perfect or professional on this website
  12. I use a  Kodak digital camera and I have used a Fuji S1000 camera, however I prefer the smaller instant pocket cameras and also taking photos with my iphone
  13. I create photos from  inspiration and this blog is all about the pictures

step by step, picture by picture, post by post...
here is a link to start blogging  from Blogger
go ahead start one....

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Those are some terrific reasons to blog my friend,

Sometimes I worry about if I'm interesting enough to have people come back and read my posts again. But then I have to remind myself that my blog is for me - so then I don't worry about it!

I hope you enjoyed our sunshiny day! It was a good one! :D

xo Catherine

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