after April 30

remember the post i wrote about Largest Obstacle

i talked about Focus and I talked about how difficult it is to maintain and keep your focus when
there are distractions and little words jumping into your head reminding you that your focus is silly?

well my Focus was to leave my job after 21 years

the largest obstacle was money

so now I have kept my focus and I have only 2 more weeks before I leave
one full paycheque coming and a little one after that

so what now?

1.  I continue to write, repeat... I continue to write and I continue to seek, a publisher and editor sensitive enough to read, advise and work with me for a nominal fee (this is a sensitive book I have been writing seriously now for 2 years).

 I have had one editor who got me writing it all down - took me 3 weeks and that was fast
writing and then that editor got sick and her work with me ended.  I had another editor who was going to assist me for a nominal fee of $90 per hour!  yikes i got overwhelmed with that and said no thanks.  So now I am editing and editing and taking more time and I am beginning to get an outline, a set up and it is work but i enjoy doing it and if it takes 5 - 10 years for me to get it out well so be it.  My plan is maximum of 5 years to have it published.

2. i continue to help people who are grieving and I am co-faciliting a griefshare program right now

3. I continue to improve my well being and just signed on as a Young Living Essential Oils distributor and enjoying the informative healing community that surrounds it.

4. I will require some "Donna" money after this summer as I am not taking out my pension yet I have a tiny plan of speaking and setting up a informational somewhere...

5. interests for jobs that are part-time and i want to apply for are:  libraries or in a equine therapy centre - where did that come from? equine therapy centre....hmmm that just came out from writing this post.  

so there it is i have written it down and shared my plans.  

(7 years ago with Rocky)

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